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Wildroot Hair Cream: More Than 100 Years Of Holding Men’s Hair

Wildroot Hair Cream: 104 Years Of Holding Men’s Hair

I have a number of older clients at our Salt Lake City barber shop who still use that old standard Wildroot Hair Cream. I have a memory of this brand as far back as I can remember. When I was a boy there were three main hair products which men of that time used — Wildroot hair cream, Brylcreem hair cream. and Vitalis hair tonic.

Wildroot hair cream has to be one of the oldest men’s products still in existence.   Wildroot hair cream was introduced in Buffalo, New York in 1911 with the trademark “Wildroot” registered in 1932. The company was locally owned and operated until 1959 when it purchased by the Colgate-Palmolive Co. for $10.5 million dollars.  The company has gone through several changes over the years, but they are still producing their flagship product in Wildroot hair cream.

One of my long-term clients has beautiful black hair which he combs back into a type of pompadour. He was using a product which was working fairly well. But one day I suggested he try Wildroot hair cream and he was a convert from that day until now. It gives his hair a slightly wet look with a little shine and with his great head of black hair, it really looks great. He says the Wildroot hair cream  holds his hair better than the product he was using before.  And he also says that it looks much better also.

Another client told me that Wildroot hair cream was great for his dry hair. He said his hair feels soft and moisturized which was great for his problem. He likes the sheen his hair has without a real greasy feeling. He said it works best for him with towel-dried hair and not applied completely dry. His only complaint is that it is hard for him to find Wildroot hair cream in the size he likes at the local stores.

In all these older advertisements, if you used their hair products the message they sent was that you were guaranteed beautiful girls would be following you around IF you used their hair tonic.  On second thought, maybe advertising today hasn’t changed that much.

I personally think it might be a little oily for many men today. There are so many new products over the past ten years that are very narrow and specific in their function.  Some of the older products like Wildroot hair cream might be a little too general (one product fits all) for younger sophisticated users. Most of my clients who love it are older and perhaps are a little nostalgic. But I must admit that my clients who use it love it and it looks great on them.

If you want to try a product that has been around for 104 years and still has many fans today, give Wildroot hair cream a try. You might find that there is a reason that it has been around for such a long time.

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