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What You Don’t Know About Men’s Beards

What You Don’t Know About Men’s Beards

Salt Lake City barbers should be skilled in servicing men’s beards in addition to other traditional barbering services.  In addition to cutting and styling hair, barbers should be able to offer clients a full range of services for grooming facial hair. Unlike some decades of the past, men do not have to wait for fashion trends to decide to grow their mustaches or beards.

Today’s style is one of individuality and barbers should become proficient in the design and trimming of men’s beards. Clients who wear facial hair will frequent a barbershop that can provide both haircutting and facial hair design services.

The purpose of men’s beards or goatee is to balance the facial features and to correlate the proportions of face, head and body. Salt Lake City men are usually very particular about the design of their beards. A careful approach, artistry and sensitivity to the client’s preferences are required for this service for men’s beards.

Often times I perform a haircut/face-shave combo and I usually choose to do the haircut first so that I can better balance the length and fullness of the beard with the hairstyle. However, this is something that could change depending on the wishes of the client.

The correct shaping or design of men’s beards can emphasize pleasant facial features, minimize less desirable ones, and camouflage flaws. It is important to develop a good eye for balance and proportion of the beard. Very few individuals have perfectly symmetrical face shapes, so you are usually challenged to create an illusion of symmetry.

Professionals usually use the natural hairline in the sideburn, cheek and mustache areas as a guide. Also, most Salt Lake City barbers use the area under the chin, noting where the direction of hair growth changes, to help determine design options for outlines.

During the first trimming of men’s beards, it is advisable to leave the facial hair slightly longer than the desired end result. This helps to avoid cutting the hair too closely and leaves it long enough for re-trimming toward the end of the beard design service. Men’s beards designing and trimming is usually performed with a combination of the shears, comb, outliner and/or clippers, and razor.

The word barber is derived from the Latin word barba, meaning beard. Archaeological studies reveal that haircutting and beard shaving were practiced in some form as early as the glacial age. The simple but effective implements used then were shaped from sharpened flints, oyster shells, or bone.

From a historical perspective, the experts seem to agree that systematic barbering practices began to occur with the rise of the Egyptian civilization. The Egyptian culture is credited with being the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion. Excavations from tombs have revealed such relics as combs, brushes, mirrors, cosmetics, scissors, and razors made of tempered copper and bronze.

In early times, most groups considered men’s beards to be a sign of wisdom, strength or manhood. In some cultures, the beard was a sacred symbol. The Viking beards protected them from the cold, and the formidable appearance instilled fear in enemies. Among Orthodox Jews today the beard is a sign of religious devotion and to cut off one’s beard is contrary to Mosiac law. In Rome, a young man’s first shave on his 22nd birthday constituted a rite of passage from boyhood to manhood and was celebrated with great festivity. However, certain rulers required that men’s beards be removed. Alexander the Great ordered his soldiers to shave so their beards could not be seized in battle. Peter the Great encouraged shaving by imposing a tax on men’s beards.

Men’s beards returned in strength during the 1500s but the clean shaven look took hold again in the early 1600s. The clean shaved style stayed overwhelmingly popular throughout the Enlightenment period up until the late 1840s and early 1850s, when beards once again returned.

By the time of the Civil War, America was full of glorious, men’s beards just waiting to be photographed. There existed a large number of select Civil War Generals rocking their beards both during the war and for a great deal of time afterwards.

The Civil War happened during the early part of a fearsome Victorian beard-fad, and we cannot forget that our ancestors who made the ultimate sacrifice in that war did so with courage in their heart and a manly beard on their face. It is said that 4 of 5 soldiers had some form of a beard on their faces. The photography of that time allowed America to see the domination of men’s beards at that particular time.

Men’s beards and other facial hair is very popular in Salt Lake City at this time. Barbers hear all types of humorous reasons for the benefits of sporting this manifestation of manliness. The following graphics illustrate some humorous claims of the modern beard wearer.

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