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What Is A ā€˜False Hairlineā€™ On Menā€™s Necks?

What is False Hairlineā€™ On Menā€™s Necks

When I was in barber school I remember the first time I had a gentleman with a ā€˜false hairlineā€™Ā  sit in my chair. I had no idea such a thing existed.Ā  A false hairline is sometimes referred to as an ā€˜invisible hairlineā€™.Ā  He had pure white, straw-like hair and I started cutting up on the back of his neck with my clippers.

Before I could pull away my clippers, I had cut about a two inch gap into his hair. My face turned red and I felt like an idiot.Ā  It looked to me that he had a normal hairline starting where most men do.Ā  What he had was a false hairline or invisible hairline that appeared to be normal hair growing on his neck.

A false hairline is defined as a condition where the hair on the lower neck is either very thin or gone. It is similar to a ā€œcomb overā€ but differs in that the hair is combed down to cover the thinning or missing hair on the neck. This is something that happens to a small percentage of men usually as they get older.Ā  But if you are a barber is would be well to be aware of the false hairline.

The photo above second from the left is the best example of what a false hairline looks like.Ā  He probably gains about two inches of ā€˜hairlineā€™ by combing his hair down and having the barber cut it square like a real hairline.Ā  The photo on the far right above is not a false hairline, but it shows how the hair must be cut using shearsĀ orĀ scissorsĀ and by not using normal barber clippers.Ā  Donā€™t ever make the same mistake I made many years ago.

If that happens to me as I get older, I would not hesitate a minute to do the same thing. Done properly it can create the illusion of a normal, full head of hair. If you find yourself with a thinning or invisible hairline, you might be happy with the results of creating that illusion on your neckline.

But it can be a real challenge for a newer or less experienced barber.Ā  Make sure that youĀ discuss this situationĀ with your barber before the haircut.Ā  You will both be glad you did.

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