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What Can Men Do To Make Fine Hair Thicker In Appearance?

What Can Men Do To Make Fine Hair Thicker In Appearance?

Barbers get asked a lot of questions about how they can make fine hair thicker…at least in appearance. I would say the two biggest concerns among all my clients are, (1) losing hair and going bald, followed by, (2) how they can make fine hair thicker when it starts to thin out on top. A lot of my clients have accepted the fact that they are losing their hair. What men never seem to give up on is how they can work with thinning hair to make fine hair thicker.

The thing I hear the most is that they want their hair cut much longer all around to help make it hide the thin spots.  The truth is that they should do the exact opposite in most cases. Long hair on top tends to open up or separate and expose thin areas rather than to make fine hair thicker in appearance. It is also harder to keep in place especially if the wind is blowing.

Shorter cut hair will actually fluff up more and look fuller than hair that is allowed to grow extra long. One of the best ways to make fine hair thicker in appearance is cutting it shorter, adding a good product and then brushing and fluffing it up. It will hold it’s style better than longer hair which tends to open up and fall down.

There is a debate about the proper role of shampooing to make fine hair thicker in appearance. I have always felt that clean hair will fluff up better than hair which picks up body oils and other greases throughout the day. Often times products will mat hair down by the end of the day. A nice shampoo with conditioner to replace moisture will make hair look its best.

But there are those who believe strongly that shampooing every day will dry out the hair and make it brittle.  Then brittle hair will break off the ends and you can actually have less hair. There is a good case about this point of view.  But I personally have observed over the years that a very high quality shampoo (with proper alkaline/acidity base) followed by a good conditioner will make fine hair thicker in appearance. I think you can tell if you are drying out your hair with the wrong shampoos or overdoing it or skipping conditioners. Use good judgement.

There are so many great products out there to make fine hair thicker that I don’t want to even start mentioning names. Many have a protein called keratin which will help to make hair up to 25% thicker while using it regularly.  The dictionary defines keratin as,

Keratin (/ˈkɛrətɪn/) is a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It is the key structural component of hair and nails, and it provides the necessary strength and toughness for masticatory organs, such as the tongue and the hard palate.

Then there are an incredible amount of normal men’s hair products which will help to make fine hair thicker in appearance. I use Woody’s Mega Firm gel on my hair in the morning. I work in in and them shape my hair. Then after I use a blow dryer and brush it to make it more fluffy and get it in the best shape for me, I freeze it in place with a holding hair spray. That way my fine hair gets body from the gel and the brushing and then it holds it into place with the hair spray.

There is also a debate about not using blow dryers on high heat. They say you should use a blow dryer on a low or cool heat so that it doesn’t damage hair. I am sure there is no question that is true with women’s hair because it is so long and takes so very, very long to dry. But with a man’s much shorter hair which takes 30 or 60 seconds to finish,  I am less concerned with this claim. But even with the half-a-minute that I use with a blow dryer, I feel it can make fine hair thicker in appearance if my experience is typical.

As a barber my most challenging haircuts are those men who cling to what hair they have left and do a comb-over.  Men I understand your desire to look like you still have hair, but this is the worst way possible to do it. People will make fun of you behind your back. This is not the way to make fine hair thicker in appearance.

For those who are in this situation you should try to keep it as neat and natural as possible. So people will take you seriously, do your best with what you have left. With a shorter cut, you are taking attention away from your hair and putting it where it belongs—on your face. Once you do this you will feel so much better because people will not focus on your comb-over, they will focus on you.

There are many things a man can do to make thin hair thicker in appearance. I still believe that cutting and styling might be the most important. Keeping your hair short and clean will usually give you a thicker and fuller appearance than almost anything else you can do. Your barber or stylist can do a lot to help you decide on the best choice for you.

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