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What Barber Training Does Your Provider Have?

What Barber Training Does Your Provider Have?

Professional barber training is what separates the pro’s from the garage cutters in this profession.  In the State of Utah at this time there is only one barber school and it provides a superior education in the old-style, traditional barbering services.

The schools barber training is a very intense program which can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete. It does not deal with women’s salon issues like hair coloring, finger nail manicures and doing perms.

It’s barber training  is extremely focused on the very best techniques in men’s traditional haircuts and straight razor shaving.  Special emphasis is given to mastering the taper haircut which very few stylists or even barbers can do without the use of crutches like guards and clips. It is one of the best schools in the country and most of the students come from around the United States.

The barber training which The Barber School provides is an experience in a live barber setting. The majority of the time spent at school is spent cutting hair under the direction of some of the best instructors in the industry. The amount of practice on live individuals is hard to be matched at any other school.

The Barber School teaches the lost secrets of barber training based on principles that are highly effective. Students are taught a process that has proven to provide unmatched results. Students graduate from The Barber School empowered with skills that are superior to any other “new way of cutting”. The methods taught at The Barber School provide explosive results and enable students to cut hair at an extremely high level.

The Barber School teaches free-hand hair cutting techniques without the use of guards or attachments. Students are taught the finest barbering techniques that are proven to provide a smoother haircut in a shorter amount of time. Students that learn these techniques are in high demand and can work in any shop of their choosing or eventually work in a successful shop of their own.

Hair cutting without guards Barbering is an art form that requires the skill and an understanding of the principles behind each cut. Guards and attachments are meant to compensate for lack of skill. Students at The Barber School are taught professional, free-hand techniques without the use of guards. These skills of the trade separate the professional from the amateur and are highly sought after by customer and shop owners.

The man behind this barber training is Tim S. Hite. He is a Master Barber with barbering skills that cannot be matched. He has received the highest level of advanced training possible both nationally and internationally in numerous methods in art of cutting hair. Tim trained with Vidol Sasson in Europe and Paul Mitchell himself before Paul Mitchell became famous. Tim has learned the secrets of Barber principles that have endured for hundreds of years along with the more modern techniques of today. He is a master of every major cutting method including Pivot Point, Roffler, Redken, Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sasson, and many others. Tim gave the gift of his astounding cutting techniques to stand-up crowds all over the United States for seven years as a platform artist for Redken Laboratories specializing in the men’s division.

Tim’s expertise has won him numerous national awards and competitions including Barber of the Year, Grand Champion Intermountain Men’s Hairstyling, and Utah State Men’s Hair Styling Champion. Tim has taught countless individuals in the hair industry where he was the recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Award for his achievements and also received the Outstanding Achievement Award. Tim has personally taught more individuals Barbering than any other individual that is alive to date. Many of the most successful Barbers attribute their success to the methods they directly learned from Tim Hite.

Tim’s expertise as an educator, businessman and founder of shops, salons, and The Barber School has made him a mentor for the ages. He continues to share his knowledge with the world as one of the finest Tonsorial artists of our day.

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