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Viper Barber Shears: My Personal Favorite

Viper Barber Shears: My Personal Favorite

About six months ago I discovered the Viper barber shears and the quality of my work improved immediately.  As a professional barber at The Deseret Barber Shop in Salt Lake City, I have tried many barber shears over the years. I discovered these barber shears because I was looking for scissors that would hold a sharpened edge for a really long time. I had several different barber shears that felt good to me, but I was spending a lot of time and money to sharpen them frequently. These Viper barber shears have exceeded my expectations.

After using these barber shears for about half-a-year, I can say that for me these are the best that I have ever used as a professional barber. I know there are more expensive shears, but the look and handling of these just feels exceptionally good to me. They are the sharpest barber shears that I have used which has contributed in part to the best haircuts I have ever given to my clients at the barber shop.

They come in sets of barber shears and thinning shears. The barber shears run either 6.5 inches or 7.5 inches, and the thinning shears run 7.0 inches. It is possible that they might come in different combinations, but these are the ones that I have seen on the market. I use the 6.5″ version and I wouldn’t want them any longer. Even though I have large hands, these fit me perfectly. This size is exceptional for doing detail work and fine blending and finishing.

The Viper barber shears have a unique finger hole construction. The finger holes for these barber shears are angled in such a way that gives me greater control than I have had to date with any other scissors I have used. The feel and control is just fantastic.

They have black rubber inserts for the finger holes if a barber had smaller fingers, but I found they made it a little too tight for me so I do not use them. I also did not buy the thinning shears that are paired up with these because I love my 44/20 blending shears which I continue to use. I can’t comment on the thinning shears because I do not use them, however, if I didn’t already have a great blending shear, I would absolutely give these a try due to how great the barber shears are.

I feel my skills as a professional barber in Salt Lake City have been increased by the use of the Viper barber shears. What works so well for me might not work as well for another barber. But I would recommend giving them a try and you might be as happy with them as I am.

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