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Thirty-Day Haircut Cycle: Is It For You?

Thirty-Day Haircut Cycle

The thirty-day haircut cycle is probably the best frequency for most men to get their haircut. That comes down to about once-per-month for the average man who wants to keep a neat and clean appearance. There are a number of younger men who often times will go two to three months between cuts. There is a subtle but significant problem with these longer frequencies.

Most experts agree that on the average a man’s hair grows about 1/2 inch per month — or six inches per year. This will be a little slower for the older men and can be a lot faster for the younger men. I have clients in their teens and twenties who insist their hair grows at least 1 ” per month. A person’s rate of hair growth will gradually slow down over time, decreasing as he ages. Hormonal disorders, fungal infection and other disorders can interfere with the normal rates and cycles of hair growth.

There are several other factors that can impact how long hair will grow in a year. Poor diet will cause hair to grow slower and can also cause the hair to be of poor quality when it does grow. Extreme crash dieting can even cause hair to fall out. Stress can cause hair follicles to move from a growing phase to a resting phase prematurely. Other factors that can slow down hair growth include age, gender, race, fluid consumption, chemotherapy, sleep habits, environment and illness.

While there is never a guaranteed way to make hair grow faster or change genetic predispositions, there are steps that can be taken that may encourage growth. Cutting away dry, dead ends can actually help hair appear longer by keeping damage to a minimum. Vitamins such as A, C, E, B6 and B12 can not only help to encourage overall health but can also keep hair follicles healthy and promote hair growth. These vitamins can be taken orally, but should also be obtained through a healthy diet. Foods that are particularly good for the hair include green vegetables, citrus fruits, whole grains and foods that are high in protein such as fish, chicken, liver and eggs. Never underestimate the value of good nutrition for growing and maintaining attractive healthy looking hair.

The case for the thirty-day haircut cycle and against going way too long between haircuts is that from a barber’s viewpoint.  It is much easier to maintain a good haircut than it is to re-shape and re-create it once it has grown too long. When hair has grown for several months since the last haircut, it has the effect of starting over with a completely new cut. When you use the thirty-day haircut cycle it is easy to know that the hair has probably grown about 1/2 ” and to see what needs to be done to take it back the way it was last month. The prior month’s haircut serves a model for the current haircut.

The thirty-day haircut cycle is probably the average for most men I know. Some professional men who have to look extra neat and clean get their hair cut every two weeks. Some men prefer to get their hair cut every six weeks. There is no right or wrong answer because it is such a personal preference. But if you finally get just the right haircut you are pleased with, then your best chance of maintaining that look is with the thirty-day haircut cycle.

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