The Ivy League Hairstyle: A Look For All Seasons

The Ivy League barber hairstyle

The Ivy League hairstyle is probably the most popular haircut that I perform on a daily basis. It is sometimes knows as the Professional or Gentleman’s cut because it is worn by so many professional men. It is usually about a medium length with a part on either side, but it can be longer or shorter depending upon the desire of our clients.

The Ivy League hairstyle is names for the styles which were once popular at Ivy League Universities, this style is taken aggressively close with clippers high up the sides and back of the head. The neckline is usually tapered clean with no line at the nape. The various photos on this page show that the Ivy League hairstyle is still an extremely popular look for men. While the Ivy League hairstyle looks good towel dried with no product, a bit of pomade or cream can be added to give a slightly more groomed appearance.

The Ivy League style is most popular among working professionals who require a conservative look. Normally, hair is cut with a slight taper on the sides and back and the top is left long enough to part and comb to the side. Today this is look is often referred to as the professional man’s haircut. It is a style that you can’t go wrong with. It is neat and clean and will work for just about anybody.

When determining how to choose the right length haircut for the Ivy League hairstyle, there are several factors to keep in mind, including lifestyle, profession, how much time you wish to spend styling, and if you’d like a conservative or trendy look. Here are some things to consider about which hair length is appropriate for you.

Short haircuts are generally appropriate for most men, but are especially well suited to men who lead active lifestyles, athletes, those who work outside, or those who want a style with minimal maintenance. Shorter haircuts are almost always the best option for men who are balding or thinning. Most short styles require very little styling, but will require more frequent haircuts to maintain a neat appearance. Extremely short styles may be a bit too aggressive for professional environments.

A medium length haircut is appropriate for most any situation, especially guys who work in a professional office environment. The advantage to a medium length cut is that it can be incredible versatile — comb it conservatively for the office, or add some styling product and mess it up for a night on the town. A medium length style will require a bit more maintenance in the morning, but fewer trips to the barber.

A longer hairstyle is most suited for guys in creative fields or for those who have a bit more time to spend on hair care. Long hair often does not work well for men in professional office environments or for men who are balding and will require more time for styling and care each date. Styling options can be somewhat limited for long hair as well. Longer styles require less frequent trips to the barber shop.

The Ivy League hairstyle, Business Man’s cut or the Professional Cut is a style for all seasons. It is such a universal cut that it could almost be called the standard cut for men of all ages. The Ivy League hairstyle can be styled with a short, medium or even long hair length. Most good barbers can cut this style because it is so frequent among their customers.

At the Deseret Barber Shop in Salt Lake City this is one of the most preferred styles of the professionals and business people who come into the shop. My two favorite looks for men are the pompadour and the Ivy League hairstyle.

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