The Fade Hairstyle: Masculinity And Versatility

The Fade Hairstyle Salt Lake Barber

There are not a lot of barbers who are really skilled at performing the fade hairstyle.  You certainly won’t get what you want at a quick-clips or a salon. I know barbers in Salt Lake City who specialize in multiple variations of a real fade hairstyle. They do them all day long every day and they get really proficient in their execution. I am often called upon to do a fade hairstyle and my skills are adequate. But I am not a specialist in this art like those barbers who have really developed this art.

The Fade hairstyle gets its name from the fact that the hair at the nape and sides is cut extremely close, becoming gradually longer in the crest and lower crown areas and longest at the top. The name comes from the fact that it fades to nothing at the hairline. The Fade haircut can have any desired length on the top of the head which gives it a great deal of versatility. A variation of this cut (high-and-tight) is often seen in military haircuts because it satisfies the requirement of keeping the hair short and tight.

The fade hairstyle must be performed by a skilled and experienced barber because it is one of the most difficult haircuts to get right.  A bald fade is a fade hairstyle where hair at the sides and back is cut as close as possible with clippers and then gradually tapers up to the top where it is often cut extremely close. It usually is cut with clippers and trimmers, but often times it is performed with hot lather and a straight razor.

The Fade Hairstyle Salt Lake City

The bald fade hairstyle is very popular right now – especially with younger men. It has a neat and clean look and it definitely is easy maintenance in the morning. There is no limit to the variations in this fade hairstyle which allows quite a bit of individuality to the customer.

Fade haircuts are typically short, even buzzed, near the nape of the neck. The hair gradually gets longer on the back and sides of the head, and it’s longest at the top of the head. Any type of gradual transition from short to long is considered a fade. This is why I don’t consider the military “high and tight” to be a fade hairstyle.  It is usually cut one single length all the way up to the disconnected top area.  It is lacking in the smooth transition from skin to the top area.

The high-and-tight hairstyle is most frequently used by men in the military of many countries. Due to the practicality of this hairstyle, it is also popular with law enforcement officers and other public safety personal. Marines have often been called ‘jarheads’ because this hairstyle resembles a mason jar.

The term fade originated in ethnic shops and has now become the popular term for an aggressively tight taper.  Electric clippers were popularized around the 1930’s and made possible the delicate gradual changes in length necessary for a good looking fade hairstyle. Today the fade hairstyle is popular and in demand with men from any ethnicity. It is neat, clean, versatile and easy to maintain.

It is a style which should be in demand for many years into the future.

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