The Crew Cut Hairstyle Is Popular Again

The Crew Cut Barber Hairstyle

When I was playing Little League baseball, every boy I knew was sporting the crew cut hairstyle.  We left the hair just a little longer in the front so that we could use a product called Butch Wax and make it stand up.  Today the crew cut hairstyle with the hair a little longer in the front would use a strong product such as a pomade/wax to ‘spike’ the hair. What goes around comes around when it comes to the crew cut hairstyle.

The crew cut hairstyle is one in which the hair on top of the head is cut fairly short. It is graduated from slightly longer in the front to shorter as the cut moves towards the back of the head at the crown. The sides and back are cut quite short and may be cut the same length or cut with a taper going slightly longer as it approaches the top of the head.

Some people say the crew cut hairstyle makes the face look more defined. The crew cut hairstyle is most popular with teens and young men who desire an athletic look with a clean-cut appearance. It is extremely easy for maintenance which also makes it a popular hairstyle with many men who don’t want to spend a lot of time and work on their hair.

I was wondering how the crew cut hairstyle got its name so I did some research. Back in the day the Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton were big on rowing competitions. This type of haircut was made popular by members of these and other crew teams whose hair was kept short to keep it from being blown into the face of the rower as the boat races down the course opposite the direction the rower is seated with both hands on the oars, making it impossible to brush the hair out of the face.  Thus the term crew cut hairstyle originated.

The crew cut hairstyle was exceptionally popular back in the 1920’s and 1930’s among college students–particularly in the Ivy League schools. Besides being neat and clean,  the crew cut hairstyle was worn in the hot summer months because it was much cooler than the longer cuts which were a part of that time period.

When men were inducted into the military in World War II, they were given the G.I. cut or the crew cut hairstyle.  Then after they finished their time in the military,  a large number of those young men continued to keep their crew cut hairstyle long into the future. It was a popular hairstyle for many decades to follow.

The crew cut hairstyle differs from a buzz cut in that it has more shape and style than a buzz which leaves the entire head cut to the same short length.  The distinguishing difference is the slightly longer hair left at the front of the head which can have product on it to spike it up and give it character.

Today actors such as Channing Tatum have continued to make the crew cut hairstyle popular in the eyes of the public.  With the tremendous number of new hair products which have come to market in recent years, there are many different looks with shorter hair that can be achieved.  Just being aware of today’s men with the crew cut hairstyle will show you how many TV and movie actors, college and professional athletes and men with military, fire or police backgrounds are going for this look.  It is even trendy right now in the conservative business world.

The crew cut hairstyle is as popular as it has ever been right now. And every indication suggests that this will not change any time soon.

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