The Classic Caesar Hairstyle For Men

The Classic Caesar Hairstyle Salt Lake

The classic Caesar hairstyle is a haircut fashioned in the traditional Greek style. The Caesar hairstyle got it’s name from the manner that Julius Caesar was seen in statues, paintings and in literature. The Caesar hairstyle is not a complicated style at all with the cut being very short in length and having those famous Caesar bangs in the front.

Many customers at The Deseret Barber Shop in Salt Lake City near the City Creek Center ask for this traditional men’s haircut or a slight variation of it. We have men of all ages who like the Caesar hairstyle as a casual style which works for any occasion.

The Caesar hairstyle is a hairstyle with a short, horizontally straight cut fringe. The hair is layered to around 2–5 cm (1-2 inches) all over. This haircut was in fashion among Western boys and men in the 1990s and 2000s, although some teenage girls in the 2000s also wore it. The hair is cut without a part and it is combed forward as in the examples here.

This Roman style just won’t go away. We saw the Caesar hairstyle a decade ago on the Gladiator actor Russell Crow and it recently resurfaced with Gerard Butler. Perfect for the low-maintenance man, this short crop is is trendy again and here to stay.

Each year there are new trendy styles which last for a few years and then go away. The Caesar hairstyle has more of a lasting, traditional stature to it because it works for so many men and it is so versatile.

If you have thick hair or curly hair, the Caesar hairstyle is a good choice for you for obvious reasons. Alternatively, if you have thinning hair or if your hair is falling out, it is also a good choice because it makes your hair look thicker.  Hair stylists and barbers often recommend the Caesar hairstyle to men with thinning hair issues.
The oval face shape is the ideal for the Caesar hairstyle.  It is designated as the “egg” shape.  It is wider at the forehead and tapers to a well rounded chin. This type of face looks equally becoming with hair worn low or high on the head.  Likewise, either a center or side part or no part at all is quite becoming–depending somewhat on other facial characteristics.
Actor George Clooney has been seen with both the Ivy League hairstyle as well as the Caesar hairstyle.  He is considered the guy who really put the Caesar hairstyle on the map. Whether it’s a Caesar hairstyle or an Ivy League hairstyle he is universally seen as stylish and dapper.  George Clooney has dark wavy hair that he has routinely kept short.  He popularized the Caesar hairstyle even though he uses other hairstyles at times.
Is the Caesar hairstyle for you? The shortness in length is a great thing for many men who feel that spending time on their hair is a waste of time. The style is easily maintained with some gel or styling cream. A trendy hairstyle with easy maintenance–what else can a man ask for? You should give it a try.

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