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Suavecito Menthol Vanishing Cream

Suavecito Menthol Vanishing Cream

I resisted using any of the Suavecito products when I first saw them because I didn’t care for what I perceived to be the gangster image which their advertising was promoting. But over the years I kept hearing some good things from barber friends of mine who were using Suavecito pomades and other products, but I guess I couldn’t get over the image.

Then one day I was visiting at The Barber School in Salt Lake City and I asked them what new products they were recommending. To my surprise they told me that the Suavecito Menthol Vanishing Cream was a favorite to use after performing a classic hot-towel face shave. They told me it was a great product to replace moisture which can be depleted from the skin from the steaming hot towels and the extremely close shave from a straight razor as well as to shrink and reduce any small nicks which can happen in an aggressive shave.

I took their recommendation and picked up a tub of the Suavecito Menthol Vanishing Cream. The first think that I loved about this product was the fantastic smell of menthol and what seemed like a peppermint fragrance. Prior to that the product which I had been using had a strong medicinal smell which I never liked. Besides the medicinal smell, it was only a mediocre product for what I needed it to be.

What made me love this product was the exceptional effectiveness in replacing moisture and reducing nicks after a classic face shave. I have repeatedly had clients feel their cheeks after a shave and get a big smile about how smooth and soft it is.  I started suggesting that they tweak their cheeks to see how rubbery and spongy it felt. My clients love that feeling and usually thank me for a super close shave. A big part of that result is the Suavecito Menthol Vanishing Cream.

The Suavecito Menthol Vanishing Cream is such a great product that I usually use it for more than just the face and cheeks after a shave. I will apply it to the clients forehead, ears and other areas which can use a softening, moisturizing treatment. When I am done my clients absolutely love the experience. I am so grateful that I discovered this product as it is a vital part of every shave that I perform.

The Suavecito literature says the following,

This is an amazing skin moisturizing agent and aftershave crème. It’s natural ingredients work to help prevent skin rash and razor burn from shaving and make the skin feel smooth and ultra-soft! Just what you were looking for! Smooth this stuff on with your fingers and work it well into the skin. Remove excess as desired. Rich and Creamy, Natural Menthol and Mint, working in your favor! Comes in a huge 8 oz. tub

If you have thought about trying a vanishing cream after shaving at home, you should pick up a tub of Suavecito Menthol Vanishing Cream. I think you might like it as much as I do.

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