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Seven Major Face Shapes: What Is Your Hairstyle?

Seven Major Face Shapes: What Is Your Hairstyle?

It is well known in the barber and beauty industries that there are seven basic face shapes which should be taken into consideration when designing your hairstyle. Even though most people have a good idea how they want to do their hair, there are times when a review based upon this information can prove valuable. At Deseret Barber Shop in downtown Salt Lake City we try and take this information into consideration with each client.

The face shapes of each individual is determined by the position and prominence of the facial bones. It is important to realize that there are no ‘perfect’ face shapes. Every face has a unique set of positive and negative attributes. You should accentuate the positive with an appropriate style, texture and cut for each individual. Attention given to your face shape can maximize your styling and appearance potential.

Now you have a concept of the basic face shapes: Oval, Oblong, Square, Pear-shaped (heart shaped), Round, Diamond, and the Triangle. However, many times people find it difficult to recognize these shapes when they see them. Some are obvious, of course, but others can be harder to classify.

  • OVAL:  The oval-shaped face is generally recognized as the ideal shape. Any hairstyle that maintains the oval shape is usually suitable. Try changing the part, experiment, but keep in mind elements such as the client’s lifestyle, comfort and ease of maintenance.
  • ROUND:  The aim here is to slim the face. Hair that is too short will emphasize fullness, so create some height on the top to lengthen the look of the face. An off-center part and some waves at eye level will also help lessen the full appearance of the face. Beards should be styled to make the face appear oval.
  • SQUARE:  To minimize the angular features at the forehead, use wavy bangs that blend into the temples. This softens the square forehead and draws attention to a strong jaw. If a beard is worn, it should be styled to slenderize the face.
  • PEAR SHAPED:  This shape is wide at the top and narrow on the bottom. Create length to add volume below the cheekbones. Do not use styles that emphasize the wider upper part of the face. Avoid being heavy on the top of the head due to it’s width. If a beard is worn, it should be styled to augment the lower jaw.
  • OBLONG:  The long face needs to be visually shortened and the angularity hidden. Layered bangs brushed to the sides over the temples can camouflage or hide the front hairline, giving the illusion of a short facial shape. Wearing a mustache also helps to shorten the look of a longer face shape.
  • TRIANGULAR:  The potential problems with this facial shape are narrow foreheads and a wide jaw line. Keep the hair fuller at the crown and temples for volume and shorter in back, or try changing the part and the direction of the hair.
  • DIAMOND:  The aim here is to fill out the face at the temples and chin and keep hair close to the head at the widest points. Deep, full bangs give a broad appearance to the forehead and a fuller back section adds width. A full, square or rounded beard is also appropriate.

In addition to the seven major face shapes, there are a few other things to consider to get your ideal hairstyle.  Pay Attention to neck & sideburns. Guys often forget to take the time to speak to their barber about the length around the ears and how they want the back of their neck shaped. These are two very important aspects of an end look that should not be ignored. You should talk with your barber before your haircut begins in a barber-client consultation and make sure he understands all the details you want covered so you don’t leave disappointed. A good barber wants nothing more than to please you. You are not wasting his time to have a consultation before your cut begins. Take your time and have a meeting of the minds.

Give Consideration to Your Age. This is the least important factor in your hair style, but often times your age will have some limiting influences on what you are able to do. Your age may possibly influence how much hair you have left to work with as well as what might be appropriate for your passage through life.

The 20’s are a time to try lots of styles and be a bit more daring. The sky is the limit when you have all that thick, dark hair. In your 30’s and 40’s your hair will thinning and you’ll have real things to care about like raising a family and building your career.  Then one day you will look in the mirror and realize that is might be time to consider cutting your hair shorter.

But don’t ever lose your individuality just because of age. Often times your creativity and imagination can really make your hair look great at a time when others of your age have given up and accept what happens. We should always keep trying to look our best at any age. Today there are more options to help us than ever before. Considering face shapes is an important option you should remember.  We just have to make the effort to seek out these options and then have the courage to do something about it.

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