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Salt Lake City Barber Shop: How To Find A Good One

How To Find A Good Barber Shop in Salt Lake City

How do you find a good Salt Lake City barber shop these days with so many choices available? If you just go from one place to another without ever finding a regular men’s barber, you are really missing out on getting a good, consistent cut every service. This is especially true if you go to women’s salons or quick-clip places where you never get the same barber/stylist twice. It is well worth your time to find a good Salt Lake City barber shop and when you find a good barber–stick with him.

What criteria should you consider in choosing a good Salt Lake City barber shop? It is a good idea to write down a few things that you are looking for when doing your search. It is important that you compare your criteria evenly across your prospects for a Salt Lake City barber shop so that you are comparing apples to apples–and not apples to oranges. Once you find a shop and a barber that you are comfortable with, you should start getting the same haircut every time with quality and consistency.

Here are a few items you might put on your list to find a good Salt Lake City barber shop.

  • FIRST: The best source of business for any establishment is personal referrals. You should ask around from people you know to find out where they go. Also, if you see a really good men’s haircut during the course of your day, go up and ask him where he got his haircut. This is a really good way to find a good just the type of Salt Lake City barber shop you are looking for. This is especially effective if you move to a new area and do not know many people yet.
  • SECOND: These days it is very important to check for a Salt Lake City barber shop on the internet. You can tell a lot about any type of business establishment by their internet presence. A website tells you a lot about any kind of business. Do they look like they are a serious business? Do they present themselves well and look like a shop you want to give a chance? It is easy to screen out the unprofessional barber establishments by their lack of internet presence, or a cheap or shoddy presentation. Barbering is an art and not a science. If their website is professional, artistic and persuasive, chances are they will also be artistic and professional with your barber shop services.
  • THIRD: When you walk into a Salt Lake City barber shop, is it a neat, clean and a professional environment?  This is a great first screen. If it is a dirty, sloppy or unprofessional atmosphere, chances are their services will be the same. Sanitation and cleanliness is very important to a Salt Lake City barber shop. This would also apply to the dress of the barbers. Are they neat, clean and professional in their appearance? The way they dress will reflect in part the respect they have for you the client.
  • FOURTH: When you sit in the chair do they take time to really listen to what you want to accomplish, or are they in a hurry to rush you out in assembly line fashion. This is a really big screen because you want to find a professional who takes the time you need to get you looking your very best. Haircut scheduling times can range from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes. You would be wise to find a shop which takes the longer time of working on you to make you look and feel your best. With short appointment times they can’t help but rush you out because they have another customer coming and they have to have you out the door.
  • FIFTH: Are they a full-service Salt Lake City barber shop? You would be well to find an old-style, traditional men’s shop which perform detailed haircuts, classic hot-towel face shaves, beard shaping and trimming, scalp treatments, etc. Do they do the bare minimum on a haircut or do they perform a full array of extra services included with the haircut. Examples would be a hot-lather straight razor clean-up shave around the neck and ears (for those barbers who are licensed to do this) after the haircut, a relaxing neck and shoulder massage after each haircut which is a luxury and treat for most men. Do they use a selection of colognes and after shaves on you after the neck shave–and everything is included in the haircut?
  • SIXTH: Is it easy to make appointments for your barber shop services? Does the phone go into an answering machine and they will get back to you? Is the phone answered by a live person most of the time? An especially valuable and convenient feature for a Salt Lake City barber shop is some form of online scheduling where you have access to make appointments 24 hours per day 7 days each week. If it is easy to use and accurate you have found a winner.

If you use these ideas to help you find a regular Salt Lake City barber shop, you will enjoy a much better haircut experience each service because you will have the same barber every time who will know exactly how you like your haircut. He will always try his best with you because you have trusted him to be one of his regular clients. Barbers appreciate those clients who come to them on a regular basis and they will always do their very best to make you happy.

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