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Home Haircuts: Why Men Get Them?

Home Haircuts: Why Men Get Them?

I used to think that the reason people got home haircuts was that they were having a hard time financially and they were forced to cut back wherever they could. This seemed to me to be the only logical conclusion because the haircuts were really bad.

However, after talking with many clients in the barber shop about home haircuts, I changed my thinking about the why. I found many men who are having their hair cut at home for different reasons. The men I am thinking of all are doing well financially. Many of them drive expensive foreign automobiles, take expensive vacations in foreign countries and wear status clothing from famous stores. They are not getting home haircuts because they cannot afford going to a barber!

We had a customer in our shop the other day who overheard our conversation about home haircuts. He is very successful in his career. He confessed that his wife gave him home haircuts for many years. One day his boss came up to him in the office and told him that he really needed to go to a professional barbershop and get a decent haircut.   He said it really caught him off guard but he took his advice. After he had been getting really good haircuts again he said he wondered why he did the home haircut thing for so long. It was almost as if his wife did not want to give up cutting his hair.

I know of a man who married into an extremely wealthy family and his wife insists on giving him home haircuts. I inquired because his hair really looked bad. They have the financial resources to buy every barber shop in the State of Utah, so it wasn’t about trying to save a little money. I really couldn’t figure out why his wife insisted on cutting his hair. But when he goes to work every day his hair certainly does not look very professional. To be honest, it really looked bad! I couldn’t take my eyes off this horrible haircut.

My question is why do some wives insist on giving home haircuts. If you can read the writing below the photo of the man in the red shirt it says, “Men, no matter how badly your woman wants to cut your hair, the answer is NO.”  I am not qualified to explain why some women have this apparent need to cut their man’s hair.  I have heard it suggested that some women have control issues–but I would never suggest that is the reason. I couldn’t afford the flat tires and hate mail.

Soon after I had graduated from Barber School, I noticed that every where I went I was studying men’s haircuts. I went to church and was looking at the back of men’s and boy’s heads to see how the tapers were looking. If I went to a basketball game I was checking out every haircut within eye sight. It was starting to drive me crazy that everywhere I went I couldn’t help but studying every haircut I could see.

My professor told me with a humorous tone of voice that is was an occupational hazard of being a barber. He said that after 45 years he is still checking out every haircut he sees. One day I told him that I couldn’t believe how many really bad barbers and stylists there must be out there based upon the number of really bad haircuts I was encountering every day. He told me that while there is an occasional bad professional haircut, I was probably seeing home haircuts by wives or mothers. The more I described the terrible haircuts I was seeing, the more certain he was that they were home haircuts.

So what are other reasons that some men get home haircuts?  According to ANSWER.COM, “People get haircuts because it’s a social norm. There is nothing bad about having long hair, the only thing that will happen is that as your hair gets longer it will break more frequently, leading to an uneven, somewhat messy appearance. Another reason people get their hair cut is to look cool, stylish, or professional. Having a presentable haircut can be helpful when trying to get a date, interviewing for a job, or if one does not wish to be stared at on the street.”

I learned many years ago that you don’t have to have money and buy expensive clothes to make a good first impression on people you meet. I found that if someone is “neat and clean” even if their clothes are not the current style or are a little old and worn, if you are well bathed, well shaved with a nice, clean haircut and your clothes are clean and pressed… you will make a good impression with anyone!

On the contrary, if you have expensive clothing with all the latest styles and famous labels, but you have not bathed, your face is not shaved and your haircut is sloppy and distracting… you will create a negative impression. If you are on a job interview or in a social setting on a first date, you probably will not find the success you desired.

It is worth the small financial investment to buy soap to wash your body, to buy detergent to clean your clothes and to get a professional haircut that fits your profile so that you may look like someone who can be taken seriously. If you look like someone who doesn’t care about maintaining a neat and clean appearance, then you are going to lose out on many opportunities in life. Invest in yourself and your appearance! Look the best you possibly can!

You have probably heard this barber story which has been aroundfor a long time. There’s an old story about a barber shop in a small town that pretty much was the only place to get your haircut. They’d been there for 20 years and did a great job for a good price.

The town grew – and pretty soon one of those discount shops moved in right across the street. They put up a very big banner that announced they had $6 DOLLAR HAIRCUTS! Well, the folks that owned the original barber shop started losing business… they couldn’t meet their bills and obligations if they cut hair for $6!

They were honestly worried. And they were wringing their hands. The owner was at a Rotary Club meeting a few weeks later and was suddenly INSPIRED! He left the meeting feeling better than he had in WEEKS!

He went straight to the Fast Sign company and had a HUGE Banner made for the front of his store. The customers started coming back – and he never had to lower his prices.

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