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Grocery Store Hair Coloring Products: Avoid Them

Grocery Store Hair Coloring Products: Avoid Them

I am going to state my opinion that men should avoid grocery store hair coloring products without hesitation. A barber shop is always a place for men to discuss issues which affect their appearance. Before I became a barber I was never aware of just how many men use some form of grocery store hair coloring products.

Their desire is to avoid looking old before their time and to gain a more youthful look. I think it is great because I believe a man should do everything he can do to look and be his best. A man should never be embarrassed because he takes action to look better, but rather he should be embarrassed if he lets fear of others opinions stop him from doing so.

One of the topics that comes up often at our Salt Lake City barber shop is why their hair coloring efforts are not producing the results as some of their friends or family are getting. Many men have had a professional application at some time in their lives which worked out very well for them. But when they do it themselves with grocery store hair coloring products the results (especially in the longer term) are not up to their satisfaction.

When men are using grocery store hair coloring product I classify these as “non-professional” products. There are a variety of hair dyes and methods to change one’s hair color. Commercial dyes, widely available on store shelves, contain a lot of chemicals, some of which are bad for hair. Natural-based products, meant to be less harmful. Frequent dyeing will weaken hair, making it limp and listless. Combining chemical processes, such as bleaching, coloring and relaxing, further aggravate the hair.

So what’s wrong with grocery store hair coloring products? Hair coloring products are categorized as non-oxidative and oxidative and generally fall into four classifications: temporary, semipermanent, demipermanent and permanent. These classifications indicate a product’s colorfastness, or its ability to remain on the hair, and are determined by the chemical composition and molecular weight of the pigments and dyes within the products.

Metalic dyes are advertised as color restorers or progressive colors. The metallic ingredients, such as lead activate or silver nitrate, react with the hair, turning it brown. This reaction creates a colored film coating that produces a dull metallic appearance.

According to the standard textbook in the barbering industry, MILADY’S Standard Professional Barbering,

repeated treatments with metallic dyes damage the hair and can react adversely with many professional chemical services. METALLIC DYES ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL COLORING PRODUCTS!

Metallic dyes are usually found in grocery store hair coloring products, pharmacies and other outlets of public distribution.

Metallic dyes & chemicals found in grocery store hair coloring products are bad for your hair. Compound dyes are metallic or mineral dyes, combined with a vegetable tint. The metallic salts are added to give the product more staying power and to create different colors. LIKE METALLIC DYES, COMPOUND DYES ARE NOT USED IN PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS.

In addition, many men buy and use grocery store hair coloring products at home. Some such coloring agents are actually progressive dyes and must be removed prior to any other chemical service. Hair treated with a compound, metallic, or other coating dye looks dry and dull and generally feels harsh and brittle to the touch. These colors usually fade to unnatural tones. Silver dyes have a greenish cast, lead dyes leave a purple color, and those containing copper turn red.

Avoid using grocery store hair coloring products when coloring mustaches and beards. An aniline derivative tint should never be used for coloring mustaches; doing so may cause serious irritation or damage to the lips or the delicate membranes of the nostrils. Harmless commercial products are available in a variety of formulations that are appropriate for coloring mustaches and beards.

Crayons are waxy sticks that are available in several colors: blond, medium and dark brown, black, and auburn. Pomades usually consist of harmless ingredients and are formulated specifically for coloring mustaches and beards. The pomade is applied to the facial hair with a small brush and is stroked from the nostrils downward until full coverage is achieved.

You should be using professional products at home. The truth is that professional products are much better for your hair than grocery store hair coloring products. Men can find great products that they can use at home at many outlets which market these professional hair coloring products.

Sally’s Beauty Supply is just one example of an outlet which sells professional products to the public. And the great thing is these products are often at prices which are comparable to grocery store hair coloring products which are bad for you. You could find other stores in the local directories or online sites which carry these professional products to the public. You will see a big difference which is enhanced especially with longer term use.

Now you know why I tell clients at our barber shop in Salt Lake City to avoid grocery store hair coloring products.  Men can get much better professional type products for comparable prices which will help them accomplish their grooming objectives.

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