Flattop Hairstyle: A Blast From The Past

Flattop Hairstyle Salt Lake Barber

A flattop hairstyle is a type of crew cut where the hair on the top of the head is graduated in length from the front hairline back through the crown to form a flat deck, of level, upward sloping or downward sloping inclination.  If done properly, it can be a clean, neat and attractive look for almost any man.

The flattop hairstyle was extremely popular among men in the 1950’s to 1960’s especially young men, athletes and celebrities.  The flattop hairstyle has become less trendy at this time,  but it can still be seen on older men in a look that is very conservative and clean.

Today the flattop hairstyle has become somewhat of a specialty cut among barbers. Because it is not as popular at this time as it was in earlier generations, fewer barbers have the skills to really do a great flattop hairstyle.  It is not as easy to perform as one might think. The hardest part for me is to get the clients hair to stand straight up before you do any cutting at all.

In my experience, the hair requires a lot of product to help it stand up straight. At the same time it requires a lot of blow drying and brushing to get the hair to go the way you need it to go—straight up. It is only after all these preparations have been done and the hair is standing up in a squared off look that the actual cutting of the flattop hairstyle can begin.

There are a number of different flattop combs which can be used to help get that squared look which is essential to the flattop hairstyle. Some of these specialty combs are extremely large and some are medium large in size. But these combs are all much larger than the traditional sized barber comb.

The barber clippers often have a special cutting blade for doing the flattop hairstyle, but it is not absolutely necessary. Using the special combs in a clipper-over-comb cutting technique is the main secret to getting that finished look. With the proper set up of the hair with product and blow dryers along with the large flattop combs and barber clippers, you have all the ingredients for creating an outstanding flattop hairstyle.

Keep in mind that a flattop hairstyle is not a low maintenance cut. There is the daily ritual of using products and blow drying to keep it looking crisp. Then there are more frequent trips to your barber to keep it cut short and well groomed. The flattop hairstyle is not one that can go several months without getting attention. But for those who love the neat and clean look of the flattop, it is worth the extra effort to keep it looking sharp.

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