Faux Hawk: No Hair Style Has So Many Options

Faux Hawk Salt Lake City Barber

When someone walks into our Salt Lake City barber shop and asks for a faux hawk haircut, I know from experience that we are going to spend the next five minutes trying to find out exactly what type of variation they are looking for.  I don’t believe there is any other hair style that has as many different nuances as the faux hawk. It is very easy to have miscommunications between client and barber when it comes to getting on exactly the same page with the faux hawk cut.

A general description of the faux hawk cut is one in which the goal is to create a dual-length style in which is shorter on the sides and outside panels of the top and longer in the section down the middle of the hair.  These two different lengths are not blended as in most haircuts beyond that which is done by normal texturing.

When I first heard the name faux hawk,  it made me think of the mohawk hair style which was big with kids when I was young. I looked up the word “faux” in the dictionary and it stated the definition as “false, fake or imitation.”  So by that definition a faux hawk hairstyle could be called a false or imitation mohawk.

A mohawk was essentially a strip of hair at least one inch wide which was left longer and then the sides were cut extremely close to the point of being shaved.  It was a neat and clean cut for the most part and is the foundation of today’s faux hawk variations.

When I was in barber school the most popular hair style for boys was the faux hawk.  That is where I first learned that I could do twenty faux hawk haircuts and end up with no two faux hawk cuts alike.  Usually mothers were there guiding my efforts to create just the look that they wanted for their sons.   Some were very short, some were quite long, some were wider and many were narrower—but each faux hawk seemed to have a different twist than the one just before it.

The one thing in common with faux hawk haircuts is that they all need some type of styling products, gels or pomades and waxes to make them work. To get the more spiky look there are wax based products which can produce a nice, crisp look. Other faux hawks can work with just some gel or a pomade. But I rarely see a good faux hawk hair style without some type of product to give it some attitude and punch.

The faux hawk can be cut and styled to just about anything that you might desire. If you want to try a hairstyle which can be customized to exactly what you want it to be, then the faux hawk is one worth considering.

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