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Deseret Barber Shop Now Offers Online Scheduling

Barber Shop Now Offers Online Scheduling

The Deseret Barber Shop in downtown Salt Lake City near the new City Creek Center has recently begun offering clients the convenience of online scheduling of their future appointments any time of the day or night. As a traditional men’s barber shop, we offer men’s and youth’s haircuts, classic face shaves done with hot towels and a straight razor and other services which have been lost in recent times. We are proud to be one of the first Salt Lake City barbers to offer such a customer friendly online scheduling system which can be used anytime… day or night at your convenience.

A customer can access online scheduling from their mobile phones, from Facebook or directly from our website whenever it is convenient for their personal schedules.  Ever since the early days of using this online scheduling service called Schedulicity the feedback has been extremely positive. Here is a recent response that Jerry received from a Doctor….

This new feature is awesome! It is so much easier than trying to call you, leaving a message, having you call me back, etc. It also lets me know your available times which can work best with my schedule. In fact, I have made an appointment for 2 PM on this coming Wednesday.
See you then!”

The first time a customer accesses the online scheduling system, he registers by adding his name, email and phone number.  Only Rich receives this information so it is confidential. Once registered the customer will have his own account where he can see his history of when his last haircut, face shave or other services were performed. He may also cancel or change an appointment without having to call the shop on the telephone. You may also use the online scheduling system to set up appointments well into the future. You will receive an automatic reminder the day before your appointment which our clients seem to appreciate.

After checking out every online scheduling system I could find, I decided on using the company who we felt was the best all around for my valued clients. It is 100% free to our customers and I believe that it has the best features and benefits available anywhere.

Here is some information on Schedulicity below…

“Schedulicity is the leader in online appointment scheduling, helping small businesses save hours a day and increase profitability by eliminating the hassles of scheduling with pencil and paper.

Schedulicity has been revolutionizing the small business experience since officially launching in 2009. We solve the problems that millions of people experience when scheduling appointments every day. Today, an appointment is booked every 2 seconds on Schedulicity and we boast nearly $2 billion in appointment-based commerce booked to date!

Long gone are the days of juggling phone calls and appointment books or compromising the daily work flow to schedule future appointments. Clients are able to search and book for free within seconds from anywhere, any time. Well over 50 percent of appointments being booked after business hours, you could be filling your open appointments while sleeping!

By offering online service scheduling 24 hours a day through multiple digital channels, businesses are able to easily and effectively attract new business, increase the frequency with which their current clients book appointments, decrease cancellations and concentrate on providing the best possible service during their business hours. At the forefront of social media, Schedulicity has also pioneered the integration of the appointment scheduling process with Facebook, enabling small businesses to instantly receive bookings through their Facebook page using Schedulicity’s scheduling widget.

We all want more convenience and time in our lives and that is exactly what Schedulicity is all about. We receive customer testimonials every day telling us how Schedulicity “gave people their lives back” or how they are making more money or attracting new clients. It’s a whole new approach to running an appointment-based business. We’re pretty confident that you’ll love it too!”

After using this online scheduling system or over a year, I can assure you that anybody can do it. It is extremely easy and quick to use. It will give you greater convenience and it will save you time every time you use it.

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