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Cordless Barber Clippers: A Review of the Oster Juice

A Review of the Oster Juice

I have been looking for some time to find a set of good cordless barber clippers to use at The Deseret Barber Shop in Salt Lake City. So many times I get tangled up in cords from many clippers, trimmers and other electronic tools that I have available for my use. It gets frustrating.

In the past there have been two problems with cordless barber clippers. First, there were problems with the batteries not being long-lasting enough to power the clippers. And when the battery started to run down, the cordless barber clippers performed slower and slower until they finally quit. Most professionals couldn’t put up with that problem when you are under pressure to keep things moving along at the shop.

Second, the cordless barber clippers simply were not strong enough in cutting power compared to the corded clippers. Some even had the cheap, light-weight feeling of a toy when being used.  They just could not compete straight-up with the heavier duty corded clippers.

I have been using the Oster Juice cordless barber clippers on-and-off for the past few months. The first thing I can say is that the Lithium Ion battery is even better than I expected. I can see how I could use it all day and not have any charging problems if I just keep putting it back into it’s base between uses. It appears to me to lasts forever which was a critical thing for me.  I wasn’t interested in playing around with a toy.  I needed a serious barber tool.

The second thing is that I have observed is that it is not my main clipper, but rather a nice compliment on some haircuts. It is so nice on shorter haircuts where I want the mobility of no cord to get in the clients face or to restrict my movement. It is still taking me a little time to get the feel of these cordless barber clippers.

They are lighter than any of my other clippers and yet they feel like a solid tool. I experimented today with the 000 setting (1/50th inch) on a client who I was going to cut his entire head with my trimmer 00000 setting (1/125th inch). I asked him how they felt on his head and he told me they were extremely smooth and he could barely feel them. He also noted that they were so quiet he could barely hear them. I agree with him that they are extremely quiet when running…a very nice feature.

They really took down his hair cleanly and I was very impressed. When I finished the job with my trimmers, they were taking down the difference between the two lengths, which in this case was a black powder of hair that was extremely fine. For short haircuts I like these cordless barber clippers a lot.

On longer haircuts I am still getting experience with these cordless barber clippers. Most of our clients at the Deseret Barber Shop in Salt Lake City are business or professional cuts and I am a little reluctant to experiment with such demanding customers.

It seems to me that these are not work horses to reduce bulk hair quickly. They do appear to be suited best to shorter hair and finishing work. As I gain more experience on longer hair I will update this review with my findings.

This past week I cut two boys haircuts about medium length. I used these clippers because I thought it would help to not have to fight the cord.  They are normal 6 and 8 year-old boys with very quick movements in the chair. To my pleasant surprise both boys behaved better than they had in at least 8 previous haircuts. I think the light weight of the Juice Clippers, the quiet sound while operating and the lack of a cord to bother them made a big  difference.

I think as a professional barber it is unrealistic to expect a single clipper to meet all your needs.  I have accumulated a group of barber tools to accomplish whatever type of situation is in front of me.  If the Oster Juice cordless barber clippers are not your only clippers, I think they would make nice addition to your tools.

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