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Barber Trimmers: Review of the Andis Styliner M3

Barber Trimmers: Review of the Andis Styliner M3

I have been using the Andis Styliner M3 barber trimmers at the Deseret Barber Shop in Salt Lake City for the past 18 months. Prior to that I used the Andis T-Outliner barber trimmers which are extremely popular with many professionals.

While I liked the T-Outliner barber trimmers which I used in barber school, I have found the Styliner M3 to be a better quality and smoother operating trimmer for my needs. I do mainly professional and business haircuts for men. I also have many clients who are losing hair and want their heads cut down as closely as possible without using hot lather and a straight razor. I find the Styliner M3 barber trimmers to cut cleaner, smoother and easier to use than any other trimmer which I have owned.

The following description of the Andis Styliner M3 barber trimmers is contained in the product literature:

The andis styliner m3 magnesium trimmer is a durable and versatile clipper that is excellent for trimming, lining and edging hair. it features a wide close-cutting t-blade that makes it great for those detailed spots around your hairline. it also features indestructible, contoured magnesium housing that’s lightweight and comfortable to hold. this added support reduces vibrations meaning more power is directed to the clipper blades and the person getting their hair cut stays comfortable. it’s perfect for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around the ears.

I have read many reviews online about these barber trimmers. I strongly disagree with those who complain that they could have bought a cheaper trimmer to save a few dollars and it would be just as good. As a professional  I do not care how much barber trimmers cost on the front end if they give me even just a little bit better performance on the back end. These barber trimmers are really good.

The Andis Styliner M3 barber trimmers are the made of the highest quality materials of any trimmers I am aware of. They have many upgrades over the older Styliner barber trimmers and operate cooler and with more power. They are so quiet and smooth that your customer can barely hear them operate. It is a joy to pick up these barber trimmers and be impressed every time with how well they perform.

In my work as a professional barber at The Deseret Barber Shop in Salt Lake City, I am not concerned with buying the cheapest tools to work with. I am interested in buying the best quality tools available because it greatly effects my ability to do my best work. If I had to pay twice as much to get a 10% better performance, I would gladly do that because my career depends upon it. However, if I were looking for something just to use at home on myself, I would probably have a different criteria.

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