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A Review of the Andis BGRC Cordless Clippers

A Review of the Andis BGRC Cordless Clippers

I recently purchased the Andis BGRC cordless clippers to help eliminate cords which always seem to be in my way.   A few years ago I purchased a light-weight pair of cordless clippers which I thought might be the solution for me.  But after a time I found that I was just not using them that much because they lacked the weight and power that I had to have as a professional barber.

After doing a thorough research and talking with other barbers, I decided that there was only one cordless barber clipper that would work for me and that was the Andis BGRC cordless clippers. They are a serious tool with both weight and power and I wish I had made the investment a long time ago.  The Andis BGRC cordless clippers are the only ones on the market that I felt would be a serious addition to my professional tool set.

Each time I have used the Andis BGRC cordless clippers I get a better feel for them. My first observation about them is that they are so quiet that I could barely tell they were running. My previous detachable blade clipper was so noisy that at times I felt embarrassed that it made so much noise. And after being dropped a few times, those old clippers really were a serious distraction due to noise.

The Andis BGRC cordless clippers are not only whisper quiet, but they seem to run smoother also. They are smaller than my other clippers and I feel I can maneuver them more easily for a superior haircut for my clients. It also allows much easier conversation between barber and client. I couldn’t be more thrilled with them at this point in time.

One thing I like about the Andis BGRC cordless clippers is that they are both corded and cordless.  I was able to purchase them without the cordless attachments to make sure I liked them first.  Now I can purchase the optional equipment to make them completely cordless.

I liked this option with the Andis BGRC cordless clippers because just in case the cordless version was not strong enough, I could always switch back to the corded option.  It seemed to hedge my bet either way.

It is difficult to quantify how important the ‘look and feel’ of the Andis BGRC cordless clippers is to me.  I love using them every time I pick them up. They fit my hand so well and they are pleasing to my eye when I look at them. They are a pleasure for me to use. As I get more and more comfortable with them, I am confident they will actually improve the quality of my work in the barber shop.

Another thing that is important to know about the Andis BGRC cordless clippers is that they will use any detachable blades from any other company. I have a mixture of detachable blades that I have accumulated from different manufacturers, and I was very pleased to see that all of them worked perfectly with my new Andis clippers.

Product Description from Andis

This Andis model BGRC Ceramic is a rechargeable clipper with a heavy duty professional motor. Equipped with a #000 Ceramic Edge blade set, charger base, battery pack and 7 attachment combs. 22 additional blade sets are available. All Andis Ultra Edge, Ceramic Edge and Oster’s Models 76 and 111 blades will fit this clipper.

Tip: If you are interested in a cost effective corded and cordless convertible clipper the best option is to purchase the BGR+ and add a cord pack (available in Andis clipper section on this site) for $29. This gives you the ability to cut corded or cordless with the battery and charger included for less than buying BGR-C, charge stand and battery separately.

If you are sure you want the complete corded and cordless package up front, it is less expensive to purchase them all at one time as described in the Andis literature above. I wanted to make sure that I really felt good about the Andis BGRC cordless clippers in the corded version first before I invested the larger amount in the complete package.  With what I have experienced with these clippers I would probably go ahead and buy the whole package up front.

These are some things I learned from the owners booklet which came with the clippers:

  • The models BGRC/BGR+ will run on an average of 3800 SPM with the cord pack attached. 
  • Models BGRC/BGRV/BGR+ can be used with either the cord pack or the battery.

The clipper can be left in the charger base for an indefinite period of time. The charger will supply only what is needed and will not damage the battery due to overcharge.

Removing blade sets must be done with the clipper turned off. I have clippers where the blades can be changed while running, but not with this clipper.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to cut hair without interference from all those pesky cords, then you should consider the Andis BGRC cordless clippers. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. These are definitely professional grade, heavy duty and superior quality.

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